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Cotton Drawstrings

Comfortable Cotton Clothing
Our 100% cotton clothing is the #1 choice for our customers with skin conditions.


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Cheerful resort clothing

Resort ClothingGetting ready to take a trip can be exhausting in and of itself. After you spend hours getting your kids' items packed neatly away and gathering all of the toiletries you will need to get ready each morning, packing your own clothing may seem like an overwhelming task. At Drawstrings of Malibu, we do what we can to help people in this circumstance. Our summer vacation clothing is very unique. It can be easily tucked into your suitcase in a hurry without wrinkling. All of our pieces are mix and match, so you can just throw outfits together when you arrive at your destination and you will still look terrific. We have basics in neutral colors and accent items in bright shades and bold patterns and prints. With our resort clothing, you can relax and have fun without fussing over what to wear. At drawstringsofmalibu.com, helping you relax is our priority.

Buying your summer vacation clothing

Summer Vacation ClothingDo you take a trip with your family over each summer? If so, it would be very wise for you to invest in resort clothing. These versatile items are easy to wear and are very comfortable. Unlike the clothes you wear on a daily basis, these items are specially designed to resist pulling and bunching. They will look terrific whether you just purchased them or whether they've set in your drawer since your last trip. One of the first things you'll notice when you begin shopping here is that our summer vacation clothing is much more affordable than the varieties you will find elsewhere. We believe that looking great should be a privilege of everyone. At Drawstrings of Malibu, we make it possible for every person to look good and feel great on vacation.